Aug 18

Atlanta Southeast Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopment, P.C. Provides Evaluation and Treatment for both children and adults with ADHD

Atlanta Southeast Center for Epilepsy & Neurodevelopment, P.C./ASCEND Pediatric Neurology has treated children with ADHD for many years.  A couple of years ago we launched a clinic devoted to serving the needs of adults with ADHD.  Our ASCEND Adult ADHD Evaluation and Treatment Clinic has been a great success and  so we’re adding more scheduling availability for our adult patients. 

We’re also registered  resource with CHADD, an organization dedicated to bringing together clinicians, families, educators, and others to support the needs of children and adults with ADHD.  

CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD) is hosting a it’s Annual International Conference on ADHD in Atlanta this year. The conference takes place November 9-12, 2017 at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel. For more information, or to register please go to the CHADD website: