Education Resource Consultant

Is your child having challenges at school? School Placement or IEP/504 Problems?
Get help from an Education Resource Consultant

Services Available:
*Meet with families to understand present school situation and challenges
*Review current and past academic performance to track trends and identify nature of learning differences to assist with pre-planning recommendations for IEP or 504.
*Assist in understanding the nature of the learning difference or behavior issue to best individualize learning.
*Work with parents and school support teams to develop IEP, 504 plans, or behavioral management plans.
*Review current IEP
*Review standardized test results and psychoeducational assessments.
*Assist with school communications (i.e. letter templates, advice & feedback on correspondence).
*Discuss other school options (i.e. Tutor, summer camps, private vs. public).
*Attend IEP and/or school meetings
*Liaison to physician and/or psychologist
*Provide general support to families
*Assistance in obtaining resources to provide to school personnel.

For more information contact: Dina Schwam, BS, MS
Ask your provider for referral information

Dina Schwam is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Psychology. As a mother of three children diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, and OCD she found herself advocating for her children throughout their education. Always desiring to have assistance in the process, Dina decided to pursue a degree that would enable her to better advocate for her children and then one day reach out to assist others who find themselves in need of assistance. She currently holds a BS in psychology and will be awarded an MS in Educational Psychology at the successful completion of her research on working memory in children with Tourette Syndrome. She anticipates advancing candicacy for her PhD by Spring 2015.