The QbTest ADHD System is a scientific method to help with the diagnosis of ADHD. Very few providers have been trained to use this test. Ascend Pediatric Neurology is one of the few offices to be granted access.

The system is takes 15 minutes for children under 13 and 20 minutes for adolescents and adults. The system collects data on the patient’s ability to sit still, inhibit impulsivity and responds accurately to images on a computer screen. The system then provides an analysis and scores the level of severity of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity compared to a benchmark.

This is all done in the office and the data is uploaded through a secure internet portal. The report is available in minutes. The doctor can then use the report in conjunction with other assessments and their examination to help inform each patient’s treatment plan.

QbTest is a comprehensive yet cost-effective diagnostic tool designed specifically for ADHD.

We will be providing the patient with the documentation they may need to file a claim with their carrier for reimbursement.

For further information visit www.qbtech.com